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President's Message - December 2017/January 2018

by Lisa Denig, Esq.

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is almost over and we are moving into a New Year!  The prospect of starting fresh, setting goals and making resolutions always energizes me and I look forward to the exciting opportunities that a new calendar year always brings. However, my list of resolutions does not simply include the standard “eat better,” “exercise more,” and “be more efficient” objectives that many people set for themselves on January 1.  No, my goals this year (and, yes, I DO make a list of resolutions – goal setting is an integral part of my life plan) include lofty objectives for us to reach as an organization. The WWBA is an amazingly well-run and vibrant group; but we can always climb higher.

      While increasing membership is generally the main objective for any WWBA president, I have taken this challenge to heart not just from a numbers standpoint but from a “value” standpoint.  The pivotal question for me this year is this:  What can we do/change/create that will draw new members in and keep current members?  To that end, I have instituted some new programs and events – a trip to Broadway, a wine tasting, volunteering at the Hillside Food Outreach, a newly created Book Club – to entice members to participate that perhaps have never attended a WWBA function before.  We have planned programs for different days of the week and in different venues in an attempt to reach segments of our membership that cannot attend the traditional after-work CLE.  We have seen great results with these changes and plan to continue being creative into 2018.

      I am also working diligently to reach out to the law students in the Westchester community.  These are our future members and we cannot expect them to understand the value of the WWBA the instant they accept their diploma.  In this regard, several of us set up a table at Pace Law School during the common hour and we were able to sign up 50 law students!  More importantly, a core group of these new members have participated in several programs and helped our committees with the administration of certain events.  I truly believe that incorporating these young lawyers into our organization not only will increase our membership in years to come but will infuse our group with exciting new ideas and energy.

      Finally, I have focused on expanding our social media presence.  The last few months have seen our use of social media increase tenfold.  With the help of the newly created Social Media Committee, I am able to Instagram or Tweet or post to Facebook from all of our events.  This allows members and non-members alike to see what we are accomplishing in real time and to keep abreast of all the new programs we have created.  I am committed to increasing and intensifying our use of these platforms in the New Year and I urge our members to use them (or LEARN how to use them, if that is the case!).

            I have so many ideas for new events in 2018 – we already have planned a Paint Night for January 18th and I am setting up a “Learn to Spin” class for Heart Healthy month in February.  Is there something that you would like to see the WWBA put together in the New Year?  Then email me your ideas at president@wwbany.org.  Lace up your sneakers, we have a lot to do in 2018!

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