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President's Message - September 2017

by Lisa Denig, Esq.

Although, seasonally, Fall is the time of year for things to quiet down and go dormant before the harsh winter, for many of us, Fall brings a renewed sense of energy after what was, hopefully, a relaxing summer.  The kids head back to school and work deadlines and social engagements tend to pick up. 

      I feel that invigorating rush of renewal for the new WWBA year, as well.  And, to that end, I want to share with you the three main goals that I and my officers have decided to focus on during the 2017-2018 WWBA year.  I hope you will “Lace up your sneakers” and go “All in” with me on these very important initiatives.

Initiative Number One: Social Media.  No matter what your age – whether you are a Baby Boomer, a member of Generation X, or a Millennial – we can all agree on one thing:  social media has completely changed the landscape of marketing and sharing information.  Our society now “shares” almost everything through some form of social media or digital connection.  While we can certainly debate the benefits and drawbacks of this, we cannot ignore that it permeates our daily lives. 

      Therefore, we are committed this year to better promoting the WWBA on various social media platforms.  We have recently created an Instagram account and we urge you to follow us on this exciting new venture (see Kristin Motel’s article in this issue on how to use Instagram and set up your own account).  Whether you use Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, we need your help to keep these sites fresh and interesting.  If you have recently published an article or have photos of yourself at a WWBA event, please send them to Jennifer Netrosio at jennifernetrosio@gmail.com and she will make sure they get posted to all three of our social networking sites. We must continue to work hard to get our message out to the public and to engage other members of the community in our work.   

Initiative Number Two: Community Service.  As a chronic volunteer myself, I understand the demands on our members’ time.  So many of us are stretched thin by commitments we have made to countless organizations. However, I know that the tug of giving back to our communities runs deep within the hearts of our members and more often than not, they cannot resist the call to action. 

      In that vein, we hope to give our members several different opportunities to volunteer with different organizations encompassing various missions.  On October 15, 2017, we will again participate in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk under the proud banner of Team Orbach.  Adrienne Orbach has seamlessly organized our participation in this event every year; let us show our support for her by reaching out to our friends, neighbors and co-workers who might not ever have walked to raise money for this important cause.

      Additionally, we are scheduled to volunteer on a Habitat for Humanity work site on Saturday, October 21, 2017, from 9 AM to 1 PM.  Habitat aims to encourage lawyers to volunteer through their program entitled “Buildable Hours.”  Watch for more details on how to sign up for this worthwhile event.

Initiative Number Three: Social Events.  While our chapter ranks among the top Women’s Bar Chapters in the quality and quantity of CLE and informational programs, sadly, we fall rather short when it comes to purely social events.  This year we have already planned several fun and exciting outings including our annual Meet the Board networking event on September 28, 2017, at Brazen Fox and a trip to Broadway to see “The Band’s Visit,” - a new musical that our very own member, Amy Gewirtz, has invested in - on October 25, 2017.  These purely social activities give our members the chance to really connect and get to know each other in a relaxed and entertaining setting. 

      I received such amazing feedback after the Annual Dinner in June from many members who felt inspired to get more involved in the WWBA and I want to keep that momentum going.  If you are interested in helping to plan a program or event or if you have an idea for something that you think we should be doing here at the WWBA, please feel free to email me at president@wwbany.org. 

Lace up your sneakers, here we go! 


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