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❑ On October 11, 2017, Justice Mark C. Dillon of the Appellate Division, 2nd Dept., was “vouched in” to help hear a case at the Court of Appeals in Albany. Vouching in is a rarely-used procedure where the state’s Chief Judge, Hon. Janet DiFiore, selects Appellate Division justices to substitute for Court of Appeals judges that have recused off a case. The appeal here was Bransten v. State of New York. 


Interview of the Month

An Interview with 
Larry Schwartz

Susan L. Pollet
Chair of the Archive and Historian Committee

Q:  Please tell us about your legal career.

A: I began my career in the early 1980s as an Assistant District Attorney in the Rockland County DA’s office. After leaving the District Attorney’s office, I was a partner and principal of Klinger & Schwartz in Haverstraw, New York where my practice included criminal defense and civil litigation.

      While in private practice, from 1998 until taking the bench this year, I served as a part-time assistant public defender at the Rockland County Public Defender’s office. I was an active member of the Rockland County Drug Court team and served on the board of the Rockland County Drug Court Executive Committee. In 1993, I became a founding partner of Schwartz & Silverstein LLP in New City where I maintained a varied practice until this past December.

President's Message

by Lisa Denig, Esq.

      I saw the first, purple crocus valiantly pushing itself heavenward in my front yard yesterday and I could not help but feel a glimmer of hope that this gray and difficult winter might just be behind us at last.  Funny, how these smallest and most fragile of spring flowers are the first to muster up the energy and strength to burst from the hardened soil and bring with them the exuberant message of spring. 

      This thought quickly reminded me of the recent book read and discussed by the WWBA Book Club – “Sisters In Law:  How Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went to the Supreme Court and Changed the World.”  Justice Ginsburg, who turned 85 years old on March 15, 2018, could not be any tinier and often appears frail and fragile, but, oh, the power and exuberance she brought to her work as an attorney advancing women’s rights and, now, as a Supreme Court Justice, ensuring that those rights are not trampled. 

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