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WWBA Member Earns Community Praise – In the July 31, 2021 issue of “The Record Review,” the local paper for Bedford, Pound Ridge, and Lewisboro, the author of Bedford’s Talk of the Town led his column with kudos for Katonah resident, and WWBA member, Rebecka Levitt, along with her son Michael. Rebecka and Michael worked together to plant a small garden between the sidewalk and the road in front of their house. Rebecka got permission from the town to plant the area, which technically is part of the town’s curtilage. The plot attracted birds, bees, and even rabbits, as well as approving words from neighbors. WWBA commends Rebecka and Michael for contributing to the beauty of their community. 

If you haven’t done so already, please visit the WWBA Foundation’s website to learn more about the good work of the Foundation and to make a donation to support our mission! https://www.wwbany.org/Scholarships-and-Grants. Thank you for your consideration!

Prolific author Susan L. Pollet, former WWBA President, has published a work of fiction, available on Amazon, entitled Grey Divorce Support Group: From Pain to Peace. As noted by the editor, “Grey divorce, defined as a divorce for people over fifty years old, is a big issue right now as the rates of it are climbing. In this novel, the author reveals the main issues and causes of grey divorce through the vehicle of a fictional support group.” Best wishes to Susan for connecting with readers with this publication. Other titles available on Amazon by Susan L. Pollet include: Women in Crisis: Stories From The Edge; Through Walter’s Lens; Lessons in Survival: All About

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Interview of the Month

An Interview with 
Hon. Lisa
Margaret Smith

Susan L. Pollet

Chair of the Archive and Historian Committee

Q:  You presided over the most difficult year in WWBA history.  What was the WWBA able to accomplish during the “pandemic year” of your Presidency?

A: When the year came to a close and I counted out how many programs we had presented, I was amazed to see that our programs totaled 50! That number did not include various public interest efforts, such as the voter registration drive, helping at the Food Pantry in Elmsford, collecting pet food for a shelter, and various wellness efforts such as a spin class, yoga, and other things. I am extremely proud of all the work that so many members put in to keep the organization running in its usual efficient manner.

Q:  What were the biggest challenges the organization faced during your tenure?

A: Every organization started off the year 2020 a bit stymied by the limitations placed on all of us as a result of the pandemic, and WWBA was no exception. All of our members and presenters had to be coached on the use of technology, especially at the start of the year, but it was no surprise to me that they caught on quickly. Our extraordinary Executive Director, Elisabeth Campos, became adept at guiding committee chairs and panelists through the morass of computer presentations, and she is largely responsible for our success in that regard. The other major challenge is the challenge that faces all bar associations in this day and age, which is membership. Those of us who are members understand that we gain tremendous value from our WWBA membership, but it is often difficult to explain the value to new recruits. We did lose members this year, also due to the economic downturn. It is my hope that as the world opens up, and people are able to gather, that our membership numbers will rebound.

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President's Message

by Amanda C. Fried

I am not known for being spontaneous (even the word makes me shiver), so in preparing for my first President’s message, I re-read past September messages for inspiration. 

      Lisa Denig, who is goal-oriented and driven, shared with us her three goals for her Presidency:  social media, community service, and social events. Susan Colson, who thinks globally and acts locally, focused on the initiatives of WBASNY and the benefits of a WWBA membership. Angela Morcone Giannini, who is the living embodiment of catching bees with honey, spoke about collaboration and gratitude.  Robin Carton (a/k/a Mom), who always strives to shine the spotlight on others, wrote about the incredible accomplishments of the various WWBA Committees.

      I’ll admit, this research project led to a bit of an existential crisis.  Who am I and what do I stand for?  Yes, I then went down the rabbit hole of Hamilton lyrics and starting singing “If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?”  But I digress. 

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