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 Amanda Fried, Esq. has been awarded WBASNY's Emerging Leader award for the Westchester Chapter. Emerging Leader honorees exemplify the commitment and leadership of WBASNY’s mission of promoting the status of women and children in the courts and in society into the future. 

 Rebecca McCloskey, Esq. has recenty been appointed as a Co-chair of the Litigation Committee and Janeen Thomas, Esq has been appointed as a Co-chair to the Diversity & Inclusion Commitee.


Interview of the Month

An Interview with 
Aisling Brady

Susan L. Pollet

Chair of the Archive and Historian Committee

Q: When did you join the WWBA, and why did you join it?

A: Although Welby, Brady & Greenblatt were members before I became an associate, I joined the WWBA in June 2017, immediately after taking up my current position as Construction Attorney at the firm. During my first week at WB&G, I attended the WWBA Annual Dinner and I felt that joining the organization would be an excellent way to get to know colleagues in the local area. I became more involved in the WWBA after meeting with Lisa Denig, Esq., the organization’s then President, who encouraged me to take part in the formation of a Construction Law Committee for the WWBA.

Q: You are on the Board of Directors and Leadership Committee of the Westchester Women’s Bar Association Foundation.  How have you contributed to the Board’s efforts, and are you involved in other WWBA activities?

A: I try to attend most of the Board’s quarterly meetings and, if I cannot attend in person, I always make myself available by telephone to vote on any pertinent issues. I assist with the Board’s fundraising efforts during their annual “Mocktail” fundraiser. Reaching out to people during this time is not the easiest task for members of the Board, but, thanks to the enormous efforts of Chairperson Susan Brown, Esq., and the other members, the fundraiser is always an amazing success, helping out so many individuals and groups throughout Westchester.

      In addition to participating on the Foundation Board, I recently hosted a “Pink and Teal” seminar at the offices of Welby Brady and Greenblatt, LLP, with the assistance of our former President Kim Berg, Esq. and members of the WWBA Wellness Committee. This was an extremely informative event with discussions and information about cancers affecting women daily, with a particular focus on the area of ovarian cancer.

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President's Message

by Angela Morcone Giannini, Esq.

On January 29th, 2020 I had the great honor of receiving the New York State Bar Association Award for Attorney Professionalism. The presentation took place at the NYSBA’s Annual Meeting in New York City.

While the event took place less than two months ago, little did we all know that day, that our world as we knew it, was about to change in ways we never imagined.

As I think back upon my acceptance speech, I am now even more steadfast in my beliefs about the practice of law and the importance of civility and professionalism. I wish to share some excerpts from my speech with you.

I have always believed that it is a privilege to practice law and that it is our duty to practice in a civil and professional manner. Civility is best defined as courtesy, dignity, graciousness, politeness and decency. Professionalism involves both civility and ethics, dedication to producing our best work product for our clients and undertaking pro bono efforts to help those in need. Professionalism and civility benefits all of us: lawyers, judges and the public.

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