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President's Message - October 2022

by Elizabeth Z. Marcus

As many of us spent September getting back into the swing of things – back to school, back to routine, back to wearing jackets! – true to form, the WWBA was back at it. And back at it we were! The Westchester Women’s Bar Association hit the ground running and took September by storm.

      We held our monthly board meeting, kicked off the return of our Women in Professional Development Series (a special shout out to Sakeena Naqvi for bringing back this important and meaningful program!), and as usual, delivered with our lively and popular Book Club. Of note too, we welcomed 14 new board members! Welcome Stephanie Baehr, Judith Bachman, Michelle Calvi, Tracy Forrest, Theresa Girolamo, Annmary Ittan, Rebecka Levitt, Elise Mahover, Sakeena Naqvi, Diona Piazza, Joanne Romano, Wanda Steinmann, Michelle Tarson, and Joanna Tulman. I look forward to working with you, and thank you for the unique and fresh perspective each one of you brings to the WWBA. Welcome to the family!  

      September also saw the return of our annual “A Night of Networking” event, which is near and dear to me. When I first joined the WWBA, I just graduated law school and joined as a co-chair of the New Lawyers Committee, one of the committees responsible for organizing the event. It warms my heart to see some of our newer members now spearheading the program (Elise, Rebecka, and Jessica I’m talking to you!). 

      The event has and still captures what truly makes the Westchester Women’s Bar Association such a special and dynamic organization. The Westchester Women’s Bar Association officers mixed and mingled with prospective, new, and longtime members. What a joy getting to connect with so many of you! Attendees included those who had just started law school, graduates awaiting admission, attorneys practicing five years or less, attorneys practicing 10+ years, as well as attorneys practicing as long as 40 years. This, my friends, is the Westchester Women’s Bar Association! There is no one “type” of member. As I always tell people (and truly mean when I say it!), the Westchester Women’s Bar Association has something to offer for everyone. And offer we do. I urge you to check out our online calendar and our weekly email blasts to see all that we are up to.

            Here’s looking forward to what October brings!

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