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President's Message - November 2019

by Angela Morcone Giannini, Esq.

      Thanksgiving. Can you think of a more meaningful word?  It dates back to the 1530s and contains the noun meaning “grateful thought” and the verb “to give.”  Most of us try to have a grateful heart each day, but this holiday reminds us all to pause, reflect and be thankful. 

      My family celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday with the traditional Thanksgiving dinner (and by traditional, there is a salute to our Italian heritage with a pasta course!) hosted by myself and my husband in our home for about 30 relatives and friends.  Each year it is indeed a day of mixed emotions. We give thanks for our many blessings, remember those no longer with us and are thankful for the many years we shared with them, rejoice in any new additions to the family who bring joy and promise for the years ahead, remember those who serve our country and sacrifice each day for our freedom and enjoy those that gather around our table and share a bountiful meal, conversation and laughter. While the celebration indeed requires preparation, the result is a relaxing day with family and friends, football and we have incorporated a family movie in our celebration which has become a tradition.  

      Much heartfelt thanks to our fabulous Executive Director Elisabeth Campos. Elisabeth is an organizational wonder!  She manages to run our association in an efficient manner with a smile on her face while keeping sight of our mission and goals.  You are just terrific!  I am also so thankful for my Executive Board – Hon. Lisa Margaret Smith, Amanda Fried, Jennifer Gray, Jacqueline Hattar, Elizabeth Marcus, Natanya Briendel and Jennifer Robinson.  Each of these women contribute so much of their time and efforts in their executive roles and consistently take on new projects to help our membership and our community.  My thanks to our WBASNY Directors Robin Carton, Marian Genio, Shari Gordon, Annette Hasapidis, Ann McNulty, Susan Mills Richmond and Kristin Motel who ensure that our chapter voice is heard at WBASNY.  Thank you to our Board of Directors and Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs. You continue to share your talents and expertise with our membership; you educate, guide and promote our association’s mission and we are all better attorneys because of your efforts.  I wish to also thank all our WWBA members who contribute to our association each and every day, most especially, our immediate past president, Kim Berg, and past presidents Lisa M. Denig, Susan Edwards Colson, Robin D. Carton, Lucia Chiocchio, Lisa M. Bluestein, Lonya A. Gilbert, Dolores Gebhardt, Deborah A. Scalise, Dawn Arnold, Jody Fay, Kathleen Donelli, Kathy N. Rosenthal, Linda Markowitz, Carla D. Glassman and Susan L. Pollet and past WBASNY President, Donna Frosco who have been so supportive and generous with their time in assisting me in my role as President. 

            Thank you! Mille Grazie! Muchas Gracias! Merci Beaucoup!  Vielen Dank!  Xie xie!  Arigatou!  I wish you all an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday!

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