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President's Message - September 2021

by Amanda C. Fried

I am not known for being spontaneous (even the word makes me shiver), so in preparing for my first President’s message, I re-read past September messages for inspiration. 

      Lisa Denig, who is goal-oriented and driven, shared with us her three goals for her Presidency:  social media, community service, and social events. Susan Colson, who thinks globally and acts locally, focused on the initiatives of WBASNY and the benefits of a WWBA membership. Angela Morcone Giannini, who is the living embodiment of catching bees with honey, spoke about collaboration and gratitude.  Robin Carton (a/k/a Mom), who always strives to shine the spotlight on others, wrote about the incredible accomplishments of the various WWBA Committees.

      I’ll admit, this research project led to a bit of an existential crisis.  Who am I and what do I stand for?  Yes, I then went down the rabbit hole of Hamilton lyrics and starting singing “If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?”  But I digress. 

      My mother is known for having trouble saying the word “No,” and although “no” was apparently my first word, my favorite word is “why.”  If we have learned anything from this past year, it has been that past practices are not always best practices, and that success requires adaptation and flexibility.  Encouraging each of us to ask “why”– to seek other perspectives and act with curiosity-is the goal that I would like to focus on this upcoming year.

      For the sake of clarity, I do not intend to, as they say (grotesquely, if you ask me), throw the baby out with the bath water.  I like babies, and I feel strongly about honoring tradition.  However, I would like to encourage members, regardless of how long they have been part of our WWBA family, to speak with me about ways that we can move our incredible organization forward in this ever-changing landscape.

            To that end, my President’s message this year may not always take this form.  Be on the lookout for some other ways that we can honor our members and their brilliant contributions to our organization and the community at large.   And for those of you who are still reading?  “We’ll never be truly free until those in bondage have the same rights as you and me...and I’m not throwin’ away my shot.”

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