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WWBA Foundation
Scholarships and Grants

The WWBA Foundation provides monetary grants on an annual basis to local organizations whose missions and goals are aligned with those of the Foundation. The Foundation’s grant application form must be submitted by May 26th of the fiscal year in which the grant is made. Please see below Grant Request Form for the Fiscal Year 2023-2024. 

The Foundation has provided annual monetary grants to numerous organizations which support the Foundation’s goals and mission of: eliminating bias and promoting equality in the workplace, schools and courts; fostering the fair and equal treatment of all people in society, including women, children, families and underserved; and supporting organizations that provide legal, educational and support services to disadvantaged members of our community. Some of those organizations include:

  • Caring for the Homeless and Hungry of Peekskill
  • FamilyKind
  • Furniture Sharehouse
  • Gender Fairness award for the 9th Judicial District
  • Girls Rule the Law, Inc. 
  • Hopes Door
  • Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison
  • Legal Services of the Hudson Valley
  • Mental Health Association of Westchester
  • Moderate Means Program, Pace University
  • My Sisters' Place
  • Pace Public Interest Law Center
  • Pace Women’s Justice Center
  • Student Advocacy
  • Scales of Justice Academy, Inc. 
  • YWCA to support children’s centers in courthouses
  • YWCA GEMS program

Justice Sondra M. Miller Scholarship

In January each year, the Foundation selects at least one Pace University Law School student to receive a $5000 scholarship in honor of WWBA founding member and past President Hon. Sondra M. Miller. The Foundation considers numerous factors including the applicant's history of community service, clinic involvement, ability to balance family and job-related responsibilities, academic record, ability to overcome personal adversity in pursuit of a legal career, and demonstrates a commitment to the Westchester County community.

Criteria and Required Application Materials: Justice Sondra M. Miller Scholarship Criteria and Materials

Please submit your application via email to: foundation@wwbany.org

The Foundation's Justice Sondra M. Miller Scholarship recipients include:
  • Brittany Miraldi and Shelbire Pierre Paul (2023)
  • Madison Shaff and Kasama Star (2022)
  • Gabriela Tavarez (2021)
  • Rebecka Levitt (2020)
  • Kellie Jo Rivera (2019)
  • Kristi Intorre (2018)
  • Nkasi Akpaka (2017)

Past Award/Scholarship Recipients

WWBA Foundation Board Scholarship

  • Megan Farrell (2021)

Karen Z. Bell Memorial Fund

The Foundation has established a fund in memory of our esteemed colleague, mentor, supporter, and friend: Karen Z. Bell. We are thankful that the Foundation has received numerous contributions from many members in Karen’s memory. With those donations and in tribute to Karen Z. Bell, the Foundation has:
  • Supported the Pace Women’s Justice Center Moderate Means Program, of which Karen Z. Bell was a founding member 
  • Supported the Cancer Support Team’s 13th Annual Women’s Health Awareness Luncheon 
  • Sponsored the Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert program in Westchester County 
  • The WWBAF 2020 and 2021 Grants to the Pace Women's Justice Center Moderate Means Panel was made in Memory of Karen Z. Bell. 

It is only with your help that the Foundation can continue to support these vital organizations and programs. Donations can be made to:

WWBA Foundation
Susan Corcoran
c/o Jackson Lewis PC
44 South Broadway
White Plains, New York 10601

PO Box 926, Hartsdale, NY 10530
Phone: (914) 505-6045

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