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Meet the Officers of the WWBA:
A Night of Networking

On September 28, 2016, the New Lawyers, Networking, and Membership Committees presented, “Meet the Officers of the WWBA: A Night of Networking.”  A very big thank you to UBS, and in particular Cristina DeBrito, Michael Guild, and Eric Berger, who in participation with the WWBA, helped present the event.

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This past spring, the Rye Neck High School Mock Trial Team Coached by Marcella Scalise and WWBA member Deborah Scalise competed and came in first place in the WCBA Mock Trial Competition, the final round was judged by the Hon. Alan D. Scheinkman. They also came in third place in the NYSBA Regional Mock Trial Com-petition. The Team also received coaching tips from the Hon. Lisa Margaret Smith, who graciously opened her courtroom to allow them to practice the trial, and also added the Team to the roster for Law Day 2017 in May.

❑ Georgia Kramer, of Kramer Kozek, LLP, and longtime member of the WWBA, was awarded the honor of Leading Matrimonial Attorney at the 2017 Above the Bar Awards. Ms. Kramer was introduced by her close friend former Court of Appeals Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman.


Interview of the Month

An Interview with 
Susan Edwards Colson

by Susan L. Pollet
Chair of the Archive 
and Historian Committee

Q: As the immediate Past President of the WWBA, as you look back on your year as President, what were the most significant accomplishments?

I am proud of many moments I shared with officers, board members and members of the WWBA.  After all, WWBA is at its essence a membership organization and all accomplishments, significant or not, are the result of many, many individual efforts.  But if I had to choose one or two I would start with WWBA receiving the Pace Women’s Justice Center’s Making a Difference Award last October.  It was humbling to realize the vision, and the countless hours, that WWBA members and volunteers worked toward PWJC’s mission.  This was truly women helping women.  I am also proud that the Westchester Chapter nominated so many members for local, statewide, and national awards.  My thanks to our award committee chairs, Elizabeth Barnhard and Kim Berg, for collecting so many letters and meeting so many deadlines to get our members the recognition they so deeply deserve.
On a more mundane, but important, level there was the bylaw revision and the addition of the one-email-per-week plan with the Weekly Update each Friday.

President's Message

by Lisa Denig, Esq.

  Although, seasonally, Fall is the time of year for things to quiet down and go dormant before the harsh winter, for many of us, Fall brings a renewed sense of energy after what was, hopefully, a relaxing summer. The kids head back to school and work deadlines and social engagements tend to pick up. 

I feel that invigorating rush of renewal for the new WWBA year, as well.  And, to that end, I want to share with you the three main goals that I and my officers have decided to focus on during the 2017-2018 WWBA year. I hope you will “Lace up your sneakers” and go “All in” with me on these very important initiatives.

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